Windows 10 v1809 Disk Cleanup Replacement

One of the downsides in moving to the latest version of Windows 10 is that Disk Cleanup has been deprecated which means that although it still technically exists and can be used, it will no longer receive any new feature updates.  This is a definite sign that Microsoft will look to remove it completely in the near future, perhaps with the next feature update expected this Spring.  Although it was far from perfect, at minimum it would serve as a guide to help figure out what’s taking up space on your local disk drive.  According to an article by Martin Brinkmann, there’s a program named Cleanmgr+ currently in beta testing that’s designed to be a full fledged replacement whenever Microsoft decides to pull the plug on Disk Cleanup.  I’ve also included a short video produced by MajorGeeks which reviews the program…let me know what you think…


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