Webpage “Not Secure” using Safari on Apple Devices

Recently, I received an email from a user stating that they are noticing almost all websites they visit show as being “Not Secure”.  This is a result of the recently released iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 updates with the main objective being that users will be aware of the security of the websites they’re visiting and should not be mistaken for actually BEING more secure.

According to 9to5Mac as to when you can anticipate seeing this prompt:

All the big sites have already moved over to universal HTTPS, so you shouldn’t see Not Secure warnings that often…

However, older sites, unmaintained sites, or sites run by smaller companies, may not have made the switch. This is when you will see the Not Secure text in the main Safari toolbar.

Check out the full article here for more details!

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