Voting Machines running Windows 7?!?!

Great news everyone!  Microsoft has decided that they will ensure whatever voting machines running the soon to be obsolete Windows 7 will receive security updates about a year after it reaches end of life status.

If you can “read” the sarcasm in the previous paragraph , I promise that I really tried to hide it.  Please tell me how the fuck the richest country in the world can allow for an operating system on the verge of obsolescence is to be trusted to run on voting machines that are spread throughout the country.  Oh yeah, Microsoft and the US government will try to spin this as a positive but the reality is that they should have been replaced, removed, burned, torched, annihilated, etc. a long time ago.

Let’s wake up America…there is absolutely no reason why we cannot take care of this like RIGHT NOW!!!

Read more about this here!


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