Use Wikibuy for the best price online!

Not sure how far behind I am on this but Wikibuy has to be one of the hottest sites for bargain hunters all over!

I recently came across it almost by mistake in that it was initially offered to me as a tool used to compare whether Amazon truly had the cheapest prices available online.  It only took a few seconds to install the provided Google Chrome extension which uses a sophisticated algorithm to see if you were truly getting the cheapest price possible.

Another feature of the Wikibuy extension running on Chrome (which I also happened to stumble upon when browsing items on IKEA’s website) is that it will also automatically try any promotional codes which could net you additional savings and discounts on any site that has the category present.

As stated on their website, Wikibuy scans tons of online shopping sites and automatically determines where the absolute best deal can be had on any given products.

It’s worth a try especially for you online shoppers; let me know what you think about it…

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