Silverlight causing WSUS issues

Upon performing my daily checks on our SCCM server, I noticed that the Software Update Point Synchronization Status failed so I checked out the WSUSCtrl.log file and browsed through it line by line using CMTrace to find where things went wrong.  Come to find out that an update to Silverlight (KB4481252) released yesterday by Microsoft (01/15/2019) is the culprit.  Now for those users who do not utilize Silverlight, it is advised that you deselect it within the “Products” tab under “Software Update Point Component Properties as shown below…

Another option would be to decline KB4481252 within the SCCM server that hosts the WSUS role.  To do this, right click on “All Updates” on the left column under the listed server and choose “Search”.  After searching and finding the KB causing issues, right click and choose to decline it.

Upon re-synchronizing Software Updates within the SCCM console, you will see that the Software Update Point Synchronization Status will show as being completed and fully synced.

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