“Once a year” Windows 10 feature updates

So it seems that Microsoft has finally gotten the message that it is too burdensome to expect users (especially business ones) to install these large feature updates!

Without taking into account what will happen with “19H2”, it can be expected that Microsoft will release Windows 10 feature updates every Spring and will do away with the fall update.


MacBook keyboard issues (again)

ZDNet.com is reporting that Apple is still plagued with MacBook Pro/Air keyboard issues using their “butterfly” style keys.  Simply put, there have been too many missteps and mishaps in trying to create, recreate, refurbish, repair, etc. all these devices.

On the heels of receiving more negative press, (as shown in the article here) Apple has decided that they would be getting rid of the butterfly design and replace it with something that actually works (!)

“Cord Cutters” revisited

Now that summer is underway, it’s time to revisit which Live TV streaming option is best suited for the average user.  Full disclosure: I received an email from my current “cord cutter” provider PlayStation Vue stating that my bill will go up another $5 this next billing cycle which played a significant role in writing this blog post.

When I first signed up in 2016, PlayStation Vue had the most appealing package at the time but now it seems that they are lagging behind when it comes to content and price.  CNET has a great article here detailing the ins and outs of each service…check it out and let me know what you think!

Ransomware recovery firms scheming with hackers!

Just came across a great article at ProPublica detailing how companies that claim to use innovative tools to recover locked files as a result of being exposed to ransomware are instead paying the actual hackers at a discounted rate to regain access all while overcharging the customer.

Sad to say that there are actual firms doing this which in reality will continue to promote this bad behavior…we all lose!

Check out the article here for more details…

More MacBook Pro disaster stuff!

In building off of the absurd snafu on Apple’s part in spending over $10K in trying to fix a user’s laptop (still can’t believe it), now they have officially started a recall for select 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros with defective batteries that are prone to overheating and hence need to be replaced immediately.

Check out Engadget’s story here and if you happen to own this particular model, check the recall site page here to see if yours is on the list!

Google Drive vs. Microsoft OneDrive

We’ll I guess we might as well take it a step further with the “rise” of OneDrive by comparing it with the other main competitor in this space, Google Drive.

Ed Bott on ZDNet has the latest comparisons, primarily with a slant on what’s best for a business between these two heavyweights here for all to see!

What’s your pick…OneDrive, Google Drive, or both (in my case)?

The rise of OneDrive

When it comes to cloud storage, many options are available for consumer and business users.  Personally, I use Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive as my primary cloud storage options so I can appreciate the unbiased article written by Amy Babinchak for AskWoody.com detailing how OneDrive has come a long way in becoming a solid top tier choice for users.

Check out her review here and let me know if you think she is accurate in her assessment!

Cisco Live 2019 is here!


The 30th annual Cisco Live conference kicked off today in San Diego and immediately set the tone via Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins’ keynote address as to where the company is headed with all of the newest and latest technologies taking the world by storm.

Some of the topics covered included Security, cloud, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, IoT (Internet of Things) and compliance.  More details can be found in TechRepublic’s article here.  Check it out and let me know what you think!