Apple’s September Event Recap

When you’re pressed for time for whatever reasons, sometimes you can appreciate someone who has a unique talent of being able to break down and analyze an event while only giving you the info you need…

Shout out to Nathaniel Parker (via for his quick, yet detailed breakdown of Apple’s event…

Managing Windows 10 Updates Revised

Over the past couple of years, Ed Bott of has done an awesome job of breaking down how Windows 10 gets updates which is all a part of Microsoft’s new updating philosophy.  To his credit, he has not hesitated when he feels that past practice has changed to the point that the masses should be notified in “layman’s terms” and not “Microsoft speak”.

This has led to all new recommendations on how to approach the installation of optional updates in Windows 10 resulting from the latest version 1903 release.

Even though I may have posted his original piece in a previous post, check out the most updated one here for the full scoop on what’s recommended from here on out.  That is until Microsoft decides to change things yet again!

Speed up Windows 10

So I had a friend of mine ask earlier this week what could be done to maintain a high level of performance or speed up Windows 10 on his office PCs and rattled off numerous suggestions that could help the cause (i.e. keep installed programs to a minimum, have a good amount of available HDD/SSD space, keeping it free of infections, etc.)

It just so happens that as I’m browsing one of my favorite tech news sites, I come across an article detailing the ways that can help a Windows 10 user speed up their PC.

Check it out here and let me know if you see a difference in performance on your PCs!

Issues with Microsoft Surface!

So it appears that users are getting increasingly frustrated with numerous battery and keyboard related issues plaguing different generations of Surface Pros as well as the Surface Laptops.

Various outlets like and Born’s Tech and Windows World are discussing the issues at length today and point out critical issues with the way Microsoft is severely lacking in their response to alleviate customer’s issues.

Check out the latest here and here to get more info!

VMworld 2019 recap!

As VMworld 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to access what the main takeaways were from VMware’s annual conference which returned to San Francisco, CA this year after being held in Las Vegas, NV the past few years.

Tom Fenton posts his five main takeaways on detailing the top items addressed at this year’s event.

Check out his article here for further details and if you had a chance to attend and/or kept up with the week’s announcements, what did you like or dislike?

Upcoming Tech Conferences

Just came across a cool list on revealing all of the upcoming tech related conferences of interest over the next year.  Some of them, such as CES (ironically not on the list), are staples in the tech conference world but that does not mean that the smaller ones (in terms of attenance) are not as relevant or as important.  As I like to say, it just means its more focused.

Check out the link here for further details and drop a line on your thoughts on the list and also if you have another conference in mind.

Ransomware Hits Numerous Texas Cities

NPR is reporting that twenty two cities within the state of Texas have been hit with ransomware that have severely handicapped their technical operations.

The city of Keene, Texas was hit so bad that the mayor has gone on record stating that “just about everything we do at City Hall is impacted”.

This is yet another reminder of just how important it is for local, county, state, and federal governments to invest in and commit to CyberSecurity.

Check out the full story here detailing the current situation as well as recapping past events within the last year.

Time Machine Backups for Windows OSs

While doing some casual browsing about all things tech, I came across a post discussing a software package that can pretty much be looked at as “System Restore” on steroids.  Enter RollBack Rx…it has also been dubbed as the Time Machine Backup-like solution for Windows.

Check out the details here and I’ll be sure to test out the software for myself!