Update: R.I.P. Adobe Flash

Back in July 2017, you may recall when Adobe announced the “end of life” for their legendary Flash software.  Back in its heyday (ok so what if it was a mere 10 to 15 years ago), Flash was the standard when it came to producing multimedia content on the web.  As with many tech related things, the mantra: “out with the old and in with the new” can’t ring true enough especially when it comes to Flash.  As I was casually surfing the web over the weekend, I came across an article from earlier this year claiming that less than 5% of all known websites use Flash!  I have to say that I’m surprised at how fast Flash has dropped off the face of the earth.  Compare that with Microsoft’s Windows XP and 7 operating systems which stubbornly held on much longer than their corporate owners anticipated and therefore have caused so many security related issues…oh wait, you mean to tell me that was because their newer “replacements” have been even more problematic…???

Umm…nevermind, time to go.  R.I.P. Adobe Flash.

SCOM Version 1807 Upgrade

Being that it is a short week and almost all staff is gone for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I’m afforded a small window of time which will allow for me to upgrade to the latest version of SCOM.  At the start of the process, I immediately noted that it is not as simple as extracting the ISO and running setup.exe…instead it is a series of KBs that need to be installed in a certain order as stated by Microsoft.  See the link below for further details…


After following all of the instructions, the install is now complete!

Roasted Duck and New York Steak

So it looks like I got the cooking bug again.  I had been meaning to prepare the duck I had stowed away in my freezer for sometime.  After thawing out the night before and marinating with sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, fresh garlic, and onion while proceed to bake in the oven at 375º F for 2 hours and 15 minutes…the final result was a beauty!

And since my wife doesn’t care for duck, my cast iron skillet didn’t get the night off and had to help whip up a nice piece of New York Steak rubbed with assorted ground pepper, sea salt, and chili flakes cooked medium rare.  Happy Friday!



Step By Step Guide to Enabling “Disk Cleanup Utility”

While the vast majority of the servers present in the environment I work in are running 2012 R2 and 2016, we still have some 2008 R2’s lingering.  One of the features that is noticeably missing is the fact that the Disk Cleanup utility is not present on anything running 2012 or 2008 R2.  Since our local C: drives are reaching capacity and need some cleanup, it was imperative that this feature be installed.  Here’s a simple step by step guide provided by Microsoft on how to get this accomplished…

1. Open The Roles and Features Wizard

To open the Roles and Features Wizard, launch the “Server Manager”:

2. Click on “Add Roles and Features”

3.  Choose installation Type

Choose “Role-based or feature-based installation” to install to the local machine:

4. Click Next all the way to features

Locate “User Interface and Infrastructure”.  Click on “Desktop Experience” and install additional required features:

5.  Proceed with the installation and Reboot

6.  Verify that the Utility is indeed installed

See screen shot below:

7.  Disk Cleanup in Action

Below is a sample snapshot of disk cleanup in action:

New Google Certification

As someone who works in a school district, I’ve seen firsthand the influence Google has had on education.  Whether or not you agree with how much technology plays a role in the classroom, it’s up to Network / System Admins such as myself to stay current with what is out there.  That being said, I’m going to commit to getting Google Certified; I’m thinking G Suite may be a good start and am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the revamped curriculum and certification exam.

macOS Server Phase Out

There has been consensus for some time that macOS Server has taken a back seat in the grand scheme of things and since then Apple released a guide at the beginning of summer designed to assist those to move key roles off of it as its only a matter of time before it is discontinued.  I remember days when there was an actual Apple Server OS which then turned into a Server app that can be installed on top of a macOS client OS and now that will be going away.  Here’s a link to the guide…check it out!


October 30th Apple Event Recap


As expected, Apple introduced new iPad Pros that are indeed very impressive but as an avid Mac user, I was pleased to see significant upgrades for the MacBook Air and especially the Mac Mini (my personal favorite!).  For years I have loved its design and versatility along with the ability to upgrade the RAM and hard drive (except for the 2014 model Ugh!).  Personally, I took it a step further and added two SSD drives to go with 16GB of RAM on my late 2012 i7 model which I still use plenty to this day.  I was so obsessed with getting the most of the my Mini that when 16GB DDR3 SODIMMs hit the marketplace, I wrote Apple numerous times asking that they release a firmware update that will allow for 32GB of RAM to be used especially since the Intel i7 CPU supports it.  I had lost all hope when I started seeing article after article saying that they may discontinue it but was ecstatic when this years rumors were confirmed true in that it would be getting a refresh in a big way!  I’m also happy that Apple is embracing what many people were using it for in that not only is it a good looking, space saving desktop, it also performs admirably as an home automation / multimedia file server!  Even though I do not have a pressing need for a new one, I will definitely direct those who are looking to upgrade to consider the new Mini and in the meantime try to find justification to buy one for myself!  Who says Christmas can’t come sooner rather than later…