October 30th Apple Event Recap


As expected, Apple introduced new iPad Pros that are indeed very impressive but as an avid Mac user, I was pleased to see significant upgrades for the MacBook Air and especially the Mac Mini (my personal favorite!).  For years I have loved its design and versatility along with the ability to upgrade the RAM and hard drive (except for the 2014 model Ugh!).  Personally, I took it a step further and added two SSD drives to go with 16GB of RAM on my late 2012 i7 model which I still use plenty to this day.  I was so obsessed with getting the most of the my Mini that when 16GB DDR3 SODIMMs hit the marketplace, I wrote Apple numerous times asking that they release a firmware update that will allow for 32GB of RAM to be used especially since the Intel i7 CPU supports it.  I had lost all hope when I started seeing article after article saying that they may discontinue it but was ecstatic when this years rumors were confirmed true in that it would be getting a refresh in a big way!  I’m also happy that Apple is embracing what many people were using it for in that not only is it a good looking, space saving desktop, it also performs admirably as an home automation / multimedia file server!  Even though I do not have a pressing need for a new one, I will definitely direct those who are looking to upgrade to consider the new Mini and in the meantime try to find justification to buy one for myself!  Who says Christmas can’t come sooner rather than later…

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