Migrating to Windows 10

As you may know, Windows 7 is reaching “end of life” status on January 14, 2020 (only 13 months away believe it or not!) which means that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches to protect your PC despite the fact that it still has about the same percentage of market share as Windows 10 does.

Whether we like it or not, those using Windows 7 must act sooner rather than later and plan for migrating to Windows 10 (or another supported platform such as Apple’s macOS).  That being said, I recently came across a great migration guide (click here) by Jonathan Hassell of Computerworld detailing what to be aware of when moving off of Windows 7 and onto Windows 10.

An excerpt from the article says it all…

A caveat before I begin: While this is not a review of Windows 10, I think it is important to let you know what to expect. Windows 10 is, to me, a frustrating mix of tremendous security improvements and OS enhancements, along with several significant steps back in stability, usability, and overall quality. I have not run Windows 10 without it crashing, hard, at least every 48 hours on any system. My experience indicates that in general you will find that your client machines have more trouble than they did running Windows 7, and you may well have the trouble ticket count to match.

For the many who have already migrated to Windows 10, feel free to leave any tips, pointers, etc. to help make the process as seamless as possible…

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