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Hi Everyone…My name is Thomas Abouriali and welcome to the OCD Techs Blog!  I hope for it to become a must read for those who are seeking knowledge and advice on how to resolve technology issues stemming from products created by companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.  My purpose for creating this blog is to spread the knowledge I have obtained during my 25 year love affair with all things technology.  When reflecting upon the journey I have taken to get to where I’m at today, I’m amazed at how many things have changed since I was a young boy ripping apart my first PC and learning how to put it back together with no help.  Nowadays, everything is so specialized from a software perspective but the one thing that has not changed is my obsession for learning about all the latest innovations that technology has to offer.  This is the primary reason why I named this the OCD Techs Blog…it is a tribute to a lifetime of obsession, curiosity, and obtaining knowledge to help better serve others both personally and professionally.  Not only do I plan on writing about all things tech, I also plan on keeping things “light” so to speak and want to write about other things I “obsess” about! 🙂  I hope you will join me on this journey and feel free to chime in with your questions, thoughts, or comments at any time and please spread the word to others who may be interested in reading!

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