Configuration Manager 1902 is here!

It’s deja-vu all over again!  For the second straight upgrade, Microsoft decides to release a new version of SCCM just as I finished upgrading our servers to the now previous version of the powerful software.  The last time this happened to me was over the Thanksgiving holiday and upon my return to work the following Monday…CB 1806 drops!

Clearly its not the end of the world since CB 1810 is not losing support anytime soon but I’m not having the best of luck with this lately.  Before this week, the only other opportunity I had would have been over the Christmas / New Years holidays which I took completely off of work.

I’ve already had an opportunity to look over all of the cool features I’ll have to wait to use in our production environment; check out Prajwal Desai’s blog post here which does a great job detailing all the new features and changes.

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