CES: Day 2

Wow! I have to say that Day 2 at CES had lots to offer and so many good things to see; I thought that I might have had some time to return to the Las Vegas Convention Center but I was very impressed at the exhibits at the Sands Expo and Venetian.  I spent the first part of my morning taking in Dell’s booth names the “Dell Experience”.  I remember when I first visited their private booth two years ago and am very impressed that they have continued to build upon what I feel is a good thing for their company.  Their representatives were very nice and friendly when it came down to describing in great detail the features and benefits of their products.

However, after visiting the Dell Experience, I spent the rest of day 2 in an area called Eureka Park (literally in the basement it’s massive!) which is where you will find the overwhelming majority of all startup and small businesses from not just in the US but countries all around this world.  I have to say that I’m so damn proud of all those people that come out and put their necks (and livelihood) on the line to invest in a booth at CES just so they have a fighting chance that someone or some business will take a liking to the product or service that they are showcasing.

I particularly enjoyed the “startup incubator” competition that CES hosted which was excellent in challenging the latest tech related startups by pointing out their strengths and weaknesses; even though there can only be one official “winner” of the competition, you could argue that those who came up short will be even more motivated to build upon their product or service that they were marketing.

Eureka Park is truly something that you have to witness for yourself; the dialogue, discussion, jokes, and competitive spirit made me feel right at home!  Sometimes the bigger companies take their visitors for granted and don’t bother engaging in the type of banter and discussion that a startup / small business is more than willing to do.  For future reference, I’ll make a point to start at the Sands Expo and specifically at Eureka Park.

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