CES 2021 Recap

It’s a wrap: all-digital CES 2021 is in the books!  I have to say that for a virtual conference, it was very impressive.  If I had to choose which company really brought it, Samsung is at the top of my list.  Their keynote primarily focused on where we have always spent most of our time: HOME.  From gadgets that help cook, clean, stay fit, and feed your pets…much props to their adjusting to the times we live in!

Hopefully you were able to get a chance to drop in and see all the greatness CES has to offer!


Windows 10 breaking hard drives?

Looks like the weirdness of 2020 will continue into this new year.  Case in point: lets say in 2019 I were to come across an article such as the one I came across right here stating that by merely looking at a desktop icon on my Windows 10 PC can cause my hard drive to become corrupted, I would have lost whatever remains of the little bits of hair that remain on my head.

BUT…this is post 2020 so nothing is off the table, including the use of sight, hovering of the mouse cursor over an icon, etc that would cause your hard drive to fail.

Apparently this only affects those drives that are NTFS formatted but nevertheless, what a heck of a development!