Better late than never…macOS Big Sur is here!


It has arrived!  macOS Big Sur is ready for download and installation on your supported device.  Being the first macOS to natively run on Apple’s own Silicon, it will be interesting to see what type of performance discrepancies users will experience when compared to the vast majority of Macs still running Intel based CPUs.

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Can’t delete email? Me neither!

And I thought I was going crazy!  Turns out that due to the increasing numbers of users unable to delete email from their account (i.e. MSN, Hotmail, etc.), Microsoft has finally decided to investigate why this is occurring throughout the world.

As has reported here, perhaps this is due to the issue resulting in 503! errors when users attempted to access various Microsoft resources.

Hopefully Microsoft resolves this as soon as possible…let us know if you are one of those unfortunately affected by this!