The battle of the streaming set-top devices

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, tech companies have all but unveiled their latest offerings in anticipation that they will become a big hit with consumers.

One of the more appealing “stocking stuffers” as of late are set-top streaming devices that offer a myriad of entertainment options in the form of free streaming movies, news, music, and so much more.

After reviewing all available options, the latest Roku Ultra (2019 model) and Apple TV are definitely the top contenders.  When it comes to breaking down the pros and cons of each, (to my surprise indeed!) seems to have come up with the best and most unbiased assessment of these devices.

Check out the comprehensive review here for more details and let me know what you think about it!  Also, if you happen to own a device from either Apple or Roku, we would love to hear what you think about their respective performance.

Windows 10 “End of Life” revamp

So I saw a tweet from the great Prajwal Desai asking the question as to why Windows 10 version 1903 will reach “end of life” status before version 1809…


The answer?  Apparently Microsoft decided that all Windows 10 feature upgrades released in the spring will have a shelf life of 18 months regardless of what edition is installed compared to a 30 month shelf life for Windows 10 upgrades released in the fall.

I must admit: my initial reaction to this news was WTF?!?!  The response from Microsoft is that in keeping in line with their “___as a service” strategy, “spring” upgrades are now to be looked at as the version that introduces more and newer features while the “fall” upgrades will now serve more as a refinement of the previous version.

Who knows if this is going to be a winner in Microsoft’s eyes but to me it seems that the only thing that has been consistent about the servicing of Windows 10 is the consistency!



Create macOS Catalina bootable USB drive

You may recall my post from last year detailing the steps on how to create a bootable USB drive for macOS Mojave.  Thank goodness Apple still allows for end users to do this; there’s something about possessing physical media that makes things so much easier from a technical perspective.

Despite the fact that you will now need to use a USB drive with a minimum capacity of 16GB as opposed an 8GB one that was standard with past versions, the steps haven’t changed much…check out AppleInsider’s summary on how to perform this task here.

Big update release out of nowhere

So is reporting that Microsoft has released over 50 security updates out of the blue aimed that fixing the numerous issues stemming from the previous update cycles.  Needless to say that the last couple of months has been disastrous from a patching perspective.

Check out the details here and let us know what you have been experiencing in the environments you’re managing.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here!

The theme for this year as stated on the official website

NCSAM 2019 emphasizes personal accountability and stresses the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity at home and in the workplace. This year’s overarching message – Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. – will focus on key areas including citizen privacy, consumer devices, and e-commerce security.

A bonus for this year includes a custom “toolkit” aimed at making things easier for users to properly lockdown their PC.  Check it out here and let us know what you think!

Update on Web Browsers


So which one is truly the best?  Who knows but what we do know is which one reigns supreme in terms of market share after Q3 2019.

According to, coming in at the top spot is Google Chrome with a 68.5% market share.  Microsoft (with IE and Edge combined) has 12% and Mozilla’s Firefox browser checks in with 8.7%.

It’s crazy to see how much Internet browsing has changed over the years and as a result, companies like Microsoft which used to dominate the browser market are now struggling to keep their head above water.

Check out the full article here and let me know what you think about these “browser wars”…