Apple and Siri

So it appears that Apple, which has tried over the past few years to set itself apart from the competition as being all about user privacy and security, is now facing allegations that contractors working with the company are actually listening in on sensitive items such as confidential medical information, sexual acts amongst couples, drug deals, etc. according to the Guardian.

Jonny Evans at Computerworld has written a great article here that elaborates more on the issue and gives excellent recommendations on what Apple should do to fix the problem.

Check it out and let me know what you think about these developments!

Path to using in-place upgrades for Windows Server OSs

So I believe its safe to assume that all of you Sysadmins out there are as busy as I am with upgrading all of those legacy servers still running 2008 / 2008 R2 in anticipation of the “end of life” (January 14, 2020 to be exact) date soon approaching.

It’s been a heck of a ride thus far but there’s a question that came to mind: Which version of Windows Server are you upgrading to?  2012?  2012 R2?  2016?  2019?

Believe it or not…if you have the time or if it needs to be done out of necessity, Microsoft has published a road map of how to perform in place upgrades (3 to be exact) to get from 2008 (R2 or not) to 2019.

Obviously in a perfect world, you may not want to take this route but if you have no other choice, it may be worth giving this road map (found here) a look!

Also, don’t forget to let us know which version of Windows Server is your final destination… 🙂

The “BlueKeep” Bug Update

So it now seems that various outlets are reporting that an actual live exploit of this may now hit everyone who is running Windows XP or Windows 7.  Please be sure to install the latest security patches which were released back in May that way there’s no chance of falling victim to this malicious malware you may be exposed to!

Check out the article here from for more info along with here for a running update on this situation.

The “BlueKeep” Bug

Interesting article from Andy Greenberg at discussing what is  now known as the “BlueKeep” bug which stems from a vulnerability that was discovered and patched back in May.  However, there are been no known exploits in the wild but the article (found here) goes more into depth as to why things have materialized (or not) the way they have.

Auto Update for Windows 10 begins

As stated on the article that can be found here at, Microsoft is starting to auto-update Windows 10 Home and Pro users on versions 1803 or older to version 1903.

Although it may not be to most users liking, it is very important to have this done as quickly as possible since Windows 10 Home and Pro version only have an 18 months shelf life.


“Once a year” Windows 10 feature updates

So it seems that Microsoft has finally gotten the message that it is too burdensome to expect users (especially business ones) to install these large feature updates!

Without taking into account what will happen with “19H2”, it can be expected that Microsoft will release Windows 10 feature updates every Spring and will do away with the fall update.


MacBook keyboard issues (again) is reporting that Apple is still plagued with MacBook Pro/Air keyboard issues using their “butterfly” style keys.  Simply put, there have been too many missteps and mishaps in trying to create, recreate, refurbish, repair, etc. all these devices.

On the heels of receiving more negative press, (as shown in the article here) Apple has decided that they would be getting rid of the butterfly design and replace it with something that actually works (!)

“Cord Cutters” revisited

Now that summer is underway, it’s time to revisit which Live TV streaming option is best suited for the average user.  Full disclosure: I received an email from my current “cord cutter” provider PlayStation Vue stating that my bill will go up another $5 this next billing cycle which played a significant role in writing this blog post.

When I first signed up in 2016, PlayStation Vue had the most appealing package at the time but now it seems that they are lagging behind when it comes to content and price.  CNET has a great article here detailing the ins and outs of each service…check it out and let me know what you think!